22 July, 2009

24volt Start System Harness With Dual Battery Auto Charge Circuit

Designed for those who need a 24 start system and don't know how to wire it up. Tiger Racing has just what you need. This custom 24 start harness has everything you need to hook up a second battery with all plug and play connectors. Both batteries will auto charge with bike is running. No switches to mess with.
If you have a big bore motor, you'll want one of these for sure.

Price: $159.95 USD

As I saw this product on sale, it actually amazes me the profit margin of such products. As mentioned in the earlier post, it's actually a rather simple circuit, and the cost of the components are not too high as well. Anyway, the same can be said for this circuit. I've already gotten the circuit diagram out for ages, just never gotten down to wire it up for my bike. I'll be staying with my manual switch for a long time to come I guess. Until the day my hand itches for some DIY project, this will be next in the list.

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