29 March, 2008

Servicing Record: Engine Oil Change

Engine oil change and filter (not the one in the picture)
Mileage to take note of

Think I should be adopting the habit of systematically recording my servicing to the bike. So here's the start, the engine oil is changed along with the oil filter. The engine oil of choice - Maxima Extra 10W40. Oil filter - Suzuki original filter.

It's my first time using this engine oil as I have been using Fuchs Silkolene all along. Generally the bike is abit louder when idling cold due to the lower viscosity of the oil (as compared to the Fuchs I had been using all along - 15W50). Along the the lower viscosity, the engine tends to feel lighter to the throttle, with a slight reduction in the resistance to rev. Shall see how the oil holds up the mileage.

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