13 July, 2006


New look with stainless steel midpipes

Exhaust systems according to Wikipedia:

conveys burnt gases from an internal combustion engine and typically includes a collection of pipes. In the most basic sense, the exhaust system simply vents waste gases from the engine. Depending on the overall system design, the exhaust gas may flow through a turbocharger to increase engine power, a catalytic converter to reduce air pollution, and a muffler to reduce noise.

It amazing how much difference this collection of pipe can add character to the bike. It's the vocal box of the bike giving it the manly growl every time the engine starts and revs. I shall just skip the technicalities and let the video do the talking.

The HMFs are brutally loud but they make very good power... Mid range and top range difference is really significant. But you wouldn't be seeing that as often as I would I them on. Yoshis are the legal way to go.. shall ride around in those when in sg.

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