18 May, 2006

Back From a long ride

Headed out to Hatyai, Thailand on the 11th of May around midnight. Saw a big group of Singaporean bikers at GP Esso. Guess it must have been the long weekend break that prompted the different trips they are going.

Taken at GP Esso Petrol Station. As can see there are lots of bikes there.

Making several petrol stops along the way, we travelled all through the night towards the Malaysia-Thailand border.

Pumping up with petrol to last me till the next stop. Total cost of the petrol to and fro cost around near $300SGD

Pedaling around the station. This bike isn't really light once filled to the brim with petrol.

Another constant irritation of touring is BUGS, lots of BUGS... call them suicide bombers, kamikaze pilot whatever, they'll leave a mark the moment you see them buzzing pass you.

Somehow these bugs leave a smell of dead fish even after you've cleaned them off.

After bumbling around and Richter's little adventure in KL, we've managed to reach our last petrol stop before the Thailand Border at Gurun. His little detour in KL somehow lasted 1hr+ and we saw the group of scooter riders at the petrol station when waiting for him. It's just daybreak when we reach Gurun. Did some checks on the bikes before heading off again.

After the whole night riding.

Took this videos on the way towards the Thailand Border

Less than an hour later, we're already at the Thailand border... Taking pictures a must as we formed up our bikes.

Forming up the bikes.

Melvin showing you the sign that says "Pratheet Thay" meaning Thailand

We were here...

Walking around in Hatyai where everything is written in Thai, here's a few pics to show the point.

There is "suu-suu-kii" for Suzuki

And "h-oocn-daa" for Honda

The city is pretty congested, much like a congested version of Melaka, ie a combination of KL and Melaka. But the night view is not too bad.

Like the colour of the sky a lot

You've not been to Thailand until you have gotten the Thai Massage.

Traffic police bike. The Honda Super Four.

Riding around in the rain on a Tuk Tuk

Something we made for ourselves... T-shirts.. yeah!

More pictures of the trip is available at http://www.picturesky.com/thumbnails.php?album=5344

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