09 December, 2007

Case Protector

When running high compression engine, starter kickback is quite common. The result? Busted engine case as show by the picture below. That happens when the starter is unable to crank start the engine and the built up stress "kicks back" onto the starter idler gear and with a weak joint holding the starter gear (on the engine case), this kickback will result in that joint breaking under stress.
Busted engine case
Another picture
Solution: The case protector

This stainless steel sleeve was designed to eliminate case breakage due to starter kickback from high compression motors or low battery voltage.

Installation Instructions

  1. Remove right hand fairing
  2. Remove Idler gear cover and gear
  3. Remove starter clutch cover and reduction gear (this is were sleeve goes)
  4. Install case protector with bevel inside

Use 20mm socket and tap down until flush

-Important- Case protector MUST BE FLUSH or slightly past case ear

--Other Helpful Hints--
  • Always keep battery fully charged.
  • If you do not have H.D. Starter gear, this would be a good time to install one
  • Heavy duty busa battery - YTZ14S
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