04 April, 2007

New toy coming...

The VR2 has all the features of the Veypor along with advanced datalogging, lap delta time display, drag coefficient measurements, and a built-in clock and calendar.
The VR2’s accuracy comes from a dual motion sensor architecture using both a 3-axis accelerometer and a wheel rotation sensor.
The VR2 is housed in high strength ABS plastic coated with black metallic paint. The paint is durable and scratch resistant and actually adds strength and rigidity to the case making it extra tough.

For a wide range of compatibility and for easy installation the VR2 uses its own proven sensors and even has two RPM detection circuits to detect any type of RPM signal from any type of engine. It works as a data-logging, tuning and display add-on or even complete instrumentation replacement for cruisers, sport bikes, ATVs, moto-X, cars and go-karts.

The VR2 has powerful datalogging features usually only found on very expensive and very complicated race systems. The VR2 provides up to 25 hours of datalogging for anything from a road trip to a trip around the race track. You can select a sampling rate of up to 50Hz and datalog all your critical stats: Speed, RPM, Velocity, Distance, Time, Acceleration, Horsepower and Torque. The data is saved onboard the VR2 in non-volatile memory. You can download the data to the free PC based VR2 analysis software and plot, analyze and review every sample.

Lap Delta Display
The Lap Delta display lets a racer know exactly how their current lap progress compares to the previous lap by showing the difference between the relative lap positions, down to 1/10 th of a second. This information is displayed in real-time, while racing.
While racing, the VR2 takes the current lap time, speed and distance and compares them to the data logged from the previous lap after the same amount of time. The difference (delta) is calculated and displayed on screen. An example Lap Delta value of -0.3s indicates that the driver is currently 0.3 seconds faster than they were at the same spot during the last lap. Likewise, +0.2s indicates the driver is currently 0.2 seconds slower than they were at the same spot in the last lap.
This information is invaluable for determining if the lap pace is off and when it starts to slip or if time is being made up. Most importantly, the information is calculated and displayed while racing, so that corrective measures can be taken during the race.

Flexible Logging
The VR2 can store as many datalogging sessions as you want. During laptiming it logs all data and records lap times and split times to 1/100th of a second accuracy. When the onboard memory is full you can download all of your runs to a PC for analysis. The VR2 comes with a serial cable for downloading or use it with the optional USB adapter to connect using a USB port.
Drag Coefficient
The drag coefficient measurement is an industry first and only available on the VR2. The VR2 measures your coefficient of drag and rolling resistance automatically and without a wind tunnel, all you need is a flat piece of road a couple hundred feet long. Follow the simple on screen steps to calculate an accurate coefficient of friction for your vehicle in only a few minutes. Then make modifications like removing side mirrors, adjusting riding position, bodywork, etc to see how it improves your aerodynamics. It is a fact that to increase top speed it is more effective to reduce your drag coefficient than to increase horsepower.
Date and Time
A built-in clock and calendar with battery back-up lets you keep track of the date and time. The VR2 tags all your runs, laps, races, and datalogging sessions with the current time and day so that when you view or download them later you will know exactly when they took place. An internal lithium battery is included and lasts for up to 10 years before requiring replacement.

VR2 Features include:- All the features of the Veypor system-
Full-time datalogging of:
- User programmable sampling frequencies from 1 to 50 Hz- Current and previous lap time delta display.- Up to 27 hours of datalogging at 1Hz and 33 minutes at 50Hz- Unlimited number of datalogging sessions- Keeps track of lap times and split times while data-logging- coefficient of drag calculation- rolling resistance calculation- Real-time clock and date with built-in battery backup

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